Classwork: Played review game

Homework:​ Study for quiz tomorrow!!
Classwork: Worked on 1/2 Angle and Double Angle Quiz Review 

Homework: Continue to work on review!! 
Classwork:Did 1/2 angle practice 

Homework:​​ 2 problems at bottom of classwork practice
Classwork:  Worked on OpenMath SAT Practice
Homework: No Homework
Week of 3/25-3/29
Classwork: Took Quiz on Half Angle/Double Angle

Homework: Statistics Tomorrow!!! :)
​Classwork: Took notes on solving trig equations 

Homework:​​ 2 problems at the bottom of notes
​Classwork: Went over Homework
Took Notes on 7.2 Addition and Subtraction Identities - YouTube Link

Homework: Find the Exact V​alue of

1. cos(15)    and     2. sin(105)​
​Classwork: Took Quick Notes

​Classwork: Went over classwork worksheet 

Homework: No Homework
​Classwork:  Took Notes on Half Angle

Homework: No Homework