​Classwork: Welcome to Honors Pre-Cal!!

Homework: Set up OpenMath Account :)

​Classwork: Checked out Breakout Rooms & did the get to know you survey!

​Classwork: Worked on OpenMath Assignment - Bonus 9/18

Homework: Finish OpenMath Assignment

Classwork: Took Notes on Functions

Homework: Begin to work on OpenMath Section 1.1
Classwork: Checked out PPT Chapter 1.1 Video

​Homework: Complete form at end of PPT 
Classwork: Went over classwork Assignments (Section 1.1)

Homework: Make sure to finish daily assignments 

Classwork: Did class assignment in notebook

​Homework:  Finish OpenMath Section 1.1 
Classwork: Financial Friday & Functions :)

Homework: OpenMath @ midnight!!